Boutique Family Office

What can your family achieve with a boutique family office?

We help families with especially complex financial lives bring their dreams and ambitions to life.

Our promise is in our name: we are a strategic partner for families with uniquely complex financial lives. Through our family office solution, we bring together your family and your team of professional partners to create a unified wealth management strategy. And when that happens, our clients can spend less time thinking about what they need to do and more time thinking about their dreams, ambitions, and vision for the world.

Orchestration of your financial journey

Your financial life is made up of hundreds of individual tasks and to-dos. Some of these are small, some are large, and all are important to your family's financial health. Our team manages the critical tasks within your financial life so you can be confident that your financial to-dos are done right, on time, every time.

Sophisticated investment guidance

Many of our family office clients own complex, non-traditional investments in addition to traditional investments. Managing alternative investments has been part of our firm's DNA from the beginning, and we have been helping clients build tailored portfolios comprised of traditional and alternative investments since 2008.

Empowerment for those you care about most

We work to empower the next generation within your family, knowing that they will one day be the stewards of family wealth. Central to this process is helping your family pass down the values that built your wealth in the first place and preparing your children for the responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges of managing wealth.

A unified solution, built to manage complexity

We connect the dots and harmonize the dynamic pieces of your financial life.

  1. Household Financial Management and Organization

    As part of our family office solution, you can engage with a personal bookkeeper who is responsible for the moving pieces of your household finances: bill pay, bank reconciliations, file organization, and other tailored solutions to fit your family's unique needs.

  2. Core Financial Planning

    We optimize and manage the core pieces of your financial life: your cash flow needs, tax strategy, insurance and risk management solutions, and estate plan. As part of this, we manage the various entities, such as trusts, that are part of a sophisticated wealth management strategy.

  3. Alternative Investment Access, Advice, and Reporting

    We monitor and track your non-traditional investments such as real estate holdings, private equity, private credit, and other strategies. We also provide access to new investment opportunities and advice covering investment opportunities that are available through your personal network.

  4. Liquidity Management and Borrowing Facilities

    We help you manage liquidity constraints and access bespoke lending solutions that are tailored to your family's unique needs. As part of this, we help you understand your family’s cash flow needs and balance sheet to ensure that any borrowing is in support of your family's broader objectives.

  5. Advanced Estate and Philanthropic Planning

    Driven by your goals, our philanthropic planning involvement includes strategic topics, such as intergenerational wealth transfer and charitable giving strategies, as well as more granular items, like asset titling and beneficiary designations.

  6. Multigenerational Financial Education

    Experience shows us that financial knowledge is the foundation of prudent financial decision-making. As part of our work together, you can expect financial education that meets your children and grandchildren where they are in their financial journey.

How can we help your family manage complexity and bring your dreams and ambitions to life?