What to Expect

Is SWP the right fit for you?

How we serve

We manage complexity and deliver simplicity, but our level of service is what you will notice the most.

What can you expect when working with SWP? The answer is in our name: you can expect a partner who understands your life and the financial complexities that come with it. This level of understanding allows us to serve as trusted advisors for life, helping you manage every financial decision you will face.

In any partnership, good communication is critical for success. As we begin our work together, this communication starts with our team asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of listening. Through this process, we get to know you, your life, your priorities, and your goals — all information that serves as the foundation of our relationship moving forward.

At each step of our work together, we tailor the experience to you and discuss what options exist, how else we can help, and how much you’d like to be involved.

What Options Exist?

There is never one right way to manage wealth. We take time to talk through your options and decide what course of action makes the most sense for you. Many decisions and strategies are complex — our duty is to make sure you are educated and comfortable with the strategies that are recommended and implemented by your team.

How Else Can We Help?

We foster relationships that encourage open and frequent communication so that we can proactively anticipate your needs. Part of this commitment means going above and beyond in our service to you. In doing so, we proactively look for additional ways to support you, your wealth, and your well-being.

How Do You Want To Be Involved?

Some of our clients want to be very involved in day-to-day decisions, while others prefer to be more hands-off as it relates to their wealth management strategy. Regardless of your level of involvement, we collaborate with your other professional service providers — like accountants and attorneys — to implement an all-encompassing strategy.

Getting Started

When you partner with SWP, you can expect a five-part process as we begin our work together.

  1. Connect

    First, we ask questions and listen closely so that we have a deep understanding of your unique situation. Once we understand your priorities and resources, we can discuss how a partnership with SWP could support you and your family’s goals.

  2. Gather Information

    Next, we gather your key financial information so that we fully understand your financial life.

  3. Proposal

    With this information in hand, we propose short and long-term planning opportunities. As part of this, we provide basic cash flow projections and an asset allocation proposal, both of which are critical to your long-term wealth management strategy.

  4. Implementation

    If we feel it is a good mutual fit, we begin implementing the proposed plan of action that covers both financial planning and investment management opportunities.

  5. Monitor and Refine

    Once your plan has been implemented, we monitor the plan and look for areas of enhancement. We proactively update you on progress and are always available to connect as questions arise.

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