for Surviving Spouses & Divorcees

During a very difficult time, our mission is to help you manage complexity and feel confident about the path forward.

Following the passing of a spouse or the end of a marriage, the road ahead can feel a bit daunting. This can hold especially true for those who were not the “wealth manager” of the family and now must navigate key financial decisions. If you are working through this process and looking for help managing the financial complexities of life, we can help.

What you can expect

  • Solid footing during challenging times

    You can expect a trusted voice ready to help you navigate the key financial decisions that are part of managing wealth. And regardless of what exactly the future holds, you’ll have a team to help you celebrate the highs and navigate the lows that are part of a life well-lived.

  • A trusted advisor for life

    You will also gain a consistent guide, helping you manage large and small financial decisions that you will encounter. In doing so, we look for ways to grow and protect the wealth that you have built.

  • Financial empowerment is the goal

    We work alongside you through these financial decisions. The goal is to help you feel confident in your financial plan, and, often, this positively impacts other areas of your life, as well.

Our Insights

Throughout the year, we publish articles that share planning opportunities for surviving spouses and divorcees.

Financial Planning
Saying Goodbye to a Loved One: A Financial Checklist

The passing of a loved one is an exceptionally difficult time in life. It has been more than five years since my parents passed away, and at times the feeling of loss is so acute it catches my breath. I was honored to be their personal representative and executor, and had the time and experience to be sure their finances were well prepared for such a transition. Despite this preplanning, the process was still painful and cumbersome.  

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Financial Planning
Divorce and Your Estate Plan: Eight Steps to Take

There’s nothing easy about divorce. It feels as though your entire life changes overnight and it’s hard to manage the whirlwind of priorities as you look for your next right step.

And while there are a lot of steps to manage, an important one is to ensure that your financial plan matches your “new normal.” By this I mean making certain that your needs, newfound priorities, and redefined goals are reflected in your plan, and a great way to start this is by updating (or creating) your estate plan. 

But where do you start? In my experience, there are eight key issues you should think about and discuss with your estate planning attorney as soon as practical following a divorce. As part of this, please give your divorce decree to your estate planner to make sure they are aware of your obligations.

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Financial Planning
Managing Divorce: Building Your Team

Dealing with a divorce is hard, and the process can be emotionally draining. However, having a strong support system in place can make things significantly easier to navigate. In my...

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