Forest Preserves of Cook County – May 2016

Strategic Wealth Partners (SWP) volunteered with the Forest Preserves of Cook County at Skokie Lagoons in Winnetka. Members of the SWP team helped to remove garlic mustard and buckthorn – two invasive species that are attacking our natural areas. Garlic mustard and buckthorn were introduced from other parts of the world and can spread aggressively here because they outcompete native plants for resources. By teaming up to remove the species and spread native seeds, we help the area recover.

The Forest Preserves of Cook County, in partnership with WYCC PBS Chicago and Juneteenth Productions, has produced “Chicago’s Truest Nature: The Forest Preserves of Cook County.” The documentary explores the flora and fauna of the urban preserves and the diversity of native plants that struggle to flourish against invasive species. If you are interested in watching the documentary, it plays on Channel 20 on the following dates: May 21, 22; June 6, 11, 22; July 11, 16, 26.

Learn more about The Forest Preserves of Cook County and how you can get involved.

Financial Planning
Cloudy Crystal Ball
As we start the new year, especially after a challenging 2022, the most frequent question we are asked is: What is your prediction for 2023? Admittedly, our crystal ball is cloudy. It always has been and always will be when it comes to short-term predictions. Still, there is no shortage of “experts” – supported by research, sophisticated models, and persuasive reasoning – that routinely broadcast what’s in store for the next twelve months. The harsh reality: it’s fool’s gold – entertaining but rarely actionable.
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A Closer Look at Private Markets
As you are likely aware, ongoing volatility and rising interest rates made 2022 a very challenging year in the capital markets. We believe that this past year has highlighted the need for advisors to explore investment opportunities that exist beyond the traditional stock and bond markets. The private markets are one such opportunity set. In this article, we discuss what the private markets are, how these investments may fit into a diversified portfolio, and how we use them.
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Current Events
What We Have Been Reading – Market Commentary & Beyond
Our team regularly reads articles from industry peers and trusted resources to stay up to date on financial markets. We enjoy reading about topics related to economics, investments, current events, and financial planning. In addition to circulating some of the best pieces internally, we thought our clients, partners, and friends might enjoy reading some of the same articles as us. We received great feedback on the articles we circulated in the first two quarters of 2022, so we wanted to follow up with some more! Here are eight recent pieces that our team members have read, along with some commentary on why we found the respective articles interesting.
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