My Personal Bookkeeper Joins Forces with Strategic Wealth Partners

Deerfield, Ill. — Strategic Wealth Partners Group, LLC, an independently managed wealth management firm with offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, announced today that it has joined forces with My Personal Bookkeeper.

“Strategic Wealth Partners was founded to help clients manage the complexities of their financial life,” said Neal Price, Principal and Co-Founder of Strategic Wealth Partners. “By joining forces with My Personal Bookkeeper, we’re excited to offer our clients the chance to delegate some of their ongoing responsibilities, helping them focus on their careers, families, and passions.”

Since opening in 2008, Strategic Wealth Partners has continued to seek innovative solutions to meet client needs. The firm’s clients will have the opportunity to utilize My Personal Bookkeeper’s household and daily money management services.

With a professional yet compassionate approach to client service, My Personal Bookkeeper delivers a suite of offerings, including bill pay, tax organization, insurance claim management, household budgeting, and more. Co-owners Jackie and Michael Melinger believe their team’s balance of warmth and professionalism inspires trust and makes a welcome addition to their clients’ lives.

“My Personal Bookkeeper strives to help clients simplify their personal financial management by taking care of many of the day-to-day responsibilities that come with running a home,” said Jackie. “Given that both MPB and SWP are focused on turning the complexity of wealth into simple solutions for clients, this partnership was a natural fit.” Jackie joins SWP as Director of Personal Bookkeeping Services and will continue to manage her team of Client Advocates under the name of My Personal Bookkeeper. While the service offering remains the same, the new joint team of SWP and MBP is excited to provide deeper resources to its clients and partners.

Strategic Wealth Partners is a part of Focus Financial Partners, a partnership of independently managed wealth management firms. Focus provides strategic support to help its partner firms achieve objectives, including support of growth initiatives and the development of strong succession plans.


Strategic Wealth Partners (“SWP”) is an independently managed wealth management firm that has been partnering with clients since 2008. SWP was created to provide more personalized solutions to clients in an environment that strives to put their interests first. The work on behalf of clients is far-reaching, but it all comes down to managing complexity, delivering simplicity, and helping people reach their goals. Learn more at


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