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Strategic Wealth Partners Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The firm continues to pursue its vision of managing complexity and delivering simplicity.

Deerfield, Ill.
— Strategic Wealth Partners Group, LLC, an independently managed wealth management firm with offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, has reached an exciting milestone this year: the firm’s 15th anniversary.

“We founded Strategic Wealth Partners 15 years ago because we saw an opportunity to redefine the client experience,” said Neal Price, Principal and Co-Founder of Strategic Wealth Partners. “We wanted to create an environment where the goal is for clients’ interests to come first and for advisors to act as true financial advocates for their clients, and in doing so, build a wealth management firm that would become bigger than just us by attracting the next generation of partners. The expansion of Strategic Wealth Partners from a small practice to a more comprehensive, larger wealth management firm is a testament to our success in that regard.”

For Ashley Bebeau, who became a Principal in 2018 and serves as the firm’s Director of Financial Planning and a Wealth Advisor, this dedication to serving a client’s best interests and delivering simplicity has been critical: “Our growth over the years has been driven by a number of factors, but it really comes down to managing complexity and delivering simplicity for the people that we serve. This was true when I joined Strategic Wealth Partners, and it will be what guides our work moving forward.”

Since opening in 2008, the firm has achieved several milestones. In 2014, Strategic Wealth Partners became part of Focus Financial Partners, a leading partnership of independently managed wealth management firms. In 2018, Strategic Wealth Partners opened a second office in Milwaukee, further expanding their presence in the Midwest. To start this year, the firm welcomed three experienced wealth advisors to the firm.

“One of the main reasons we started Strategic Wealth Partners was because we saw the inherent conflicts of interest at larger firms: what’s best for the firm is not always necessarily what’s best for the client,” said David Copeland, Principal and Co-Founder of Strategic Wealth Partners. “As an independent firm, we have the freedom to customize each portfolio based on our clients’ needs and objectives and that has been a key driver of our success over the past 15 years.”

“We would like to thank our partners, clients, and team members, because without their contributions, the continued success of Strategic Wealth Partners would not be possible,” said Copeland. “We are committed to pursuing excellence and growth in everything we do,” said Price, “and we are excited to see how Strategic Wealth Partners will continue to grow and thrive over the next 15 years and beyond.”

Strategic Wealth Partners (SWP) is an investment advisory and financial planning firm with $3.9 Billion AUM/AUA as of March 31, 2023. Strategic Wealth Partners (“SWP”) is an independently managed wealth management firm that has been partnering with clients since 2008. SWP was created to provide more personalized solutions to clients in an environment where the goal is to put their interests first. The work on behalf of clients is far-reaching, but it all comes down to managing complexity, delivering simplicity, and helping people reach their goals. Learn more at

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