Strategic Wealth Partners Joins AIM High – May 2015

Strategic Wealth Partners joins AIM High as a corporate sponsor and mentor. Facilitated by the Center for Companies that Care, AIM High is a ground-breaking student mentoring initiative that strives to send 100% of participating students to 4-year universities, and equip them with the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace.

As corporate mentor, Strategic Wealth Partners will form long-term relationships with their mentees and together participate in activities that support: goal setting and leadership, academic success, college readiness, career development, cultural exposure, and community service.

Much more-than-mentoring program, AIM High has sent 100% of participating students to college for six consecutive years. Strategic Wealth Partners is grateful to be a part of an initiative that not only supports higher education and career development, but that also provides young Chicagoans with the means to better themselves.

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