Strategic Wealth Partners (SWP) Hosts Second Annual ‘Women, Wealth & Wisdom’ Luncheon with Meditation Speaker

Clients and friends of Strategic Wealth Partners (SWP) gathered at Northmoor Country Club in Highland Park for the firm’s second annual “SWP Women, Wealth & Wisdom” luncheon. This year’s guest speaker, Judy Craven, Meditation Instructor from Breathe Bar, shed light on the benefits of meditation and directed the group through a guided practice.

You may be wondering, what does meditation have to do with wealth management? SWP provides clients financial planning and investment advisory services; however, they also aim to have a deeper role in clients’ lives.

“SWP Women, Wealth & Wisdom is about creating a space for us to learn and grow together,” says Ashley Bebeau, CFP®, Wealth Advisor and Senior Financial Planner at SWP. “We all know that things happen that are beyond our control. While we can’t change what happened, we can change how we react to it and how we relate to it.”

“We strive to be your trusted resource, a confidant, an educator, an objective decision maker for your family. We want to have a pulse on everything related to your success and provide resources for anything you might need,” continued Bebeau. “Using meditation to build my ability to cope with adversity has made me a completely different person than I was three years ago. We hope it can have a positive impact on our clients’ lives, as well.”

Craven led a talk on meditation that was rooted in scientific studies and her own experience.

“Studies show that meditation has amazing neurological benefits, such as reducing stress and improving executive decision-making and focus,” explained Craven. “Our daily lives can be so complex. We need an opportunity to offload stress, quiet our inner chatter, and be more balanced and centered. By cultivating meditation and mindfulness practices, we can tap into our inner resources to find peace in ourselves amidst continuously changing life experiences.”


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