How to Help the Highland Park Community

I grew up in Highland Park and chose to move back 3 years ago to raise my family.  Several of our team members and literally hundreds of our clients and their families share a similar story, as either current or former residents (or both).  Unfortunately, on July 4th, our town became the latest victim of an epidemic that our country cannot seem to rid itself of.  

I am profoundly sad, and extremely angry that we all face the possibility of being a victim of gun violence as part of our daily lives.  Our whole firm is shocked, saddened, and angry as a result of this tragedy, less than a year after our colleagues and clients in Wisconsin grappled with the aftermath of the parade attack in Waukesha.

To the surprise of no one who is familiar with this community, the rally of support has been nothing short of remarkable.  Information has been made available on how to help those most severely impacted by this week’s tragedy, and significant funds have already been raised for their benefit.

Still, much work will need to be done to repair what has been broken by this senseless, cowardly act.  If you are looking for a place to help, below is some information that we hope you find useful:

General Information

  • Here is a link to a Google doc created (and updated) by the community, which includes links to just about everything that has been set up to aid the victims.


  • Several of the links in the Google Doc above are to various GoFundMe pages that are set up to directly benefit individuals and families.*

Donor-Advised Funds

  • For those of you who use Donor-Advised-Funds (DAFs) to make charitable donations, grants made to the “Highland Park Community Foundation” with “the July 4th Highland Park Shooting Response Fund” in the grant purpose/reason field will go directly to victims and survivors or to the organizations that support them. The Tax ID # of this organization is 36-3819818.  This link will take you to the HPCF website, where you can read their special message regarding the response to the shooting.
  • Additionally, here are some non-profits that are worth looking into if you are seeking to donate to organizations that work towards gun safety and community violence prevention:

With a heavy heart,
Andrew Denenberg

*GoFundMe donations will likely have the most direct impact on a specific individual/family, but from a tax standpoint, these donations are not deductible. Please consult your tax advisor if you have specific tax questions.


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