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Andrew Denenberg, CFP®

Principal & Wealth Advisor

Andrew is driven to create and manage customized investment plans by carefully and continually working to understand each client’s ever-changing needs.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant, Andrew is well-versed in providing clients continual oversight of their financial picture. Because the firm practices a highly customized approach to advising each individual client, Andrew offers great flexibility in adapting to each client’s unique situation and presenting suitable opportunities. By engaging in frequent and proactive communication, Andrew aims for his clients to achieve an understanding and feeling of comfort with his recommendations.

Most of Andrew’s clients have already amassed significant wealth and are looking to prudently grow their portfolio within the framework of a sound financial plan. He also works with high earners whose peak earning years might still be ahead of them, but who are committed to establishing good financial habits with an experienced team of advisors.

Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, playing golf, reading non-fiction, and supporting his favorite Chicago teams.


BA in History, Yale University

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Deerfield, IL


Current Events
What Just Happened?
You likely heard about Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) this past weekend, and by now, you’ve probably also heard that the government took actions to quell fears that SVB’s failure might lead to a broader “contagion” effect. It seems as though the bank will, in fact, “fail” in the sense that its debt and equity will suffer or be wiped out…but customers will not lose their deposits, even temporarily. What follows is a brief recap of what happened, and what it means for investors who don’t bank with SVB, but who are concerned about the downstream effects of its failure on their portfolios.
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When You Have Significant Assets In Tax-Deferred Accounts
Many high-net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals have accumulated significant pre-tax assets in tax-deferred accounts such as IRAs and 401(k)s.  While these types of accounts offer the benefit of tax-deferred growth, they also come with unique considerations when it comes to wealth management. There are countless articles that address the basics of IRAs, 401(k)s, and other types of tax-advantaged accounts – this article is geared specifically towards those individuals who have already amassed high six-figure or seven-figure balances in pre-tax retirement accounts. For that reason, I will skip over the basics, except to mention that since pre-tax IRAs and 401(k)s are funded with (you guessed it) pre-tax dollars, distributions are taxed as ordinary income. This is important to remember throughout the article.
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How We Manage Our Money
How I Manage My Money – Andrew Denenberg
To build upon the great articles written by my colleagues over the past several months, I am pleased to share a little about how I manage my own money. As we do with our clients, for starters, it is worth discussing some of the goals that drive my investment decisions. While I don’t believe one needs a specific set of goals to justify saving and investing, saving and investing for their own sake is always a good idea. But there are a few general objectives that I like to keep front and center.
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