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Meet your financial specialists.

Ashley Bebeau, CFP®

Principal, Director of Financial Planning, & Wealth Advisor

Ashley is driven to empower individuals and families with the insight and resources they need to protect and enjoy their hard-earned wealth.

Ashley enthusiastically brings a sense of organization to her clients’ financial situation, as well as help them develop and carry out a long-term plan. With any financial matter, Ashley aims to guide clients about a variety of potential solutions by communicating opportunities and issues relevant to the client’s unique situation. This allows clients to choose what feels right to them, balanced with an understanding of possible financial ramifications. Building an open and honest relationship with clients is central to Ashley’s work ethic and, she believes, is critical to providing advice in each client’s best interest.

Prior to joining SWP, Ashley worked with ultra-high net worth multigenerational families at Credit Suisse Family Wealth Management. She helped families ensure that future generations understand and appreciate how their families’ wealth was accumulated, and recognize how to preserve wealth and family values.

Ashley is enjoying the most challenging and rewarding task of being a mother to two young boys. When not around their home on the North Shore, Ashley and her boys love spending time with family in Northern Wisconsin.


BS in Consumer Science – Personal Finance, University of Wisconsin Madison

Professional Designations


Leadership & Community

Professional Advisory Board, Chicago Foundation for Women
Legacy Partner, Lurie Children’s Hospital
CFP® Professional Member, Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Office Location

Deerfield, IL


Financial Planning
Preserving Family Wealth: How Family Meetings Play A Central Role In Successful Wealth Transfers
For families with significant wealth, preserving this wealth from one generation to the next is often a central focus. And it’s a goal for good reason, as data shows that 90% of families deplete their wealth by the end of the third generational wealth transfer.[1] Cultures around the world have come up with sayings to describe the process of families building—and subsequently losing—their hard-earned assets. In America, it’s “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations”; in Italy, it’s known as “from the stalls to the stars to the stall again”; and in China, it’s “from peasant shoes to peasant shoes in three generations.”
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Financial Planning
Divorce and Your Estate Plan: Eight Steps to Take
There’s nothing easy about divorce. It feels as though your entire life changes overnight and it’s hard to manage the whirlwind of priorities as you look for your next right step. And while there are a lot of steps to manage, an important one is to ensure that your financial plan matches your “new normal.” By this I mean making certain that your needs, newfound priorities, and redefined goals are reflected in your plan, and a great way to start this is by updating (or creating) your estate plan.  But where do you start? In my experience, there are eight key issues you should think about and discuss with your estate planning attorney as soon as practical following a divorce. As part of this, please give your divorce decree to your estate planner to make sure they are aware of your obligations.
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Financial Planning, Investments
How We Serve: Professionals
Over the years, we have had the privilege to serve a wide range of professional service providers such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants. Through our work with these professionals, we’ve identified things that make their lives especially unique from a wealth management perspective.
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