Strategic Wealth Partners was acquired by Kovitz Investment Group Partners, LLC ("Kovitz"), a registered investment adviser with the SEC on May 1, 2024. Strategic Wealth Partners is now a division of Kovitz and its registered investment adviser. Materials created prior to this date were created by Strategic Wealth Partners and are accurate as of the time of publishing.


Meet your financial specialists.

Ruben Rivas

Wealth Advisor

For Ruben Rivas, trust is an essential part of his client relationships. Guiding clients through life’s complexities often means making difficult decisions, and by developing and maintaining that bond of trust, Ruben is able to help clients make the right decisions for their futures.

Ruben is passionate about working together with his clients in long-term, one-on-one relationships, helping them build, preserve, and transfer their wealth. He joined Strategic Wealth Partners because the firm shares his client-first philosophy that is rooted in relationships.

As a Wealth Advisor at Strategic Wealth Partners, Ruben works with affluent investors and families, bringing a complete approach to their wealth management needs. Ruben partners with his clients, guiding them through the complex planning and investing landscape and delivering simplicity.

Before joining SWP, Ruben worked as a Wealth Management Advisor at U.S. Bancorp Investments and as a Client Specialist at Robert W. Baird & Co.

A husband and father of three cool kids, Ruben enjoys creating lifelong memories with friends and family, golf, travel, cooking, and sports.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science – Business & Politics, Marquette University

Office Location

Milwaukee, WI


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