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Neal and Laurie Price Award Announcement

Congratulations to Laurie and Neal Price on receiving JCFS Chicago’s Irving B. Harris Leadership Award! Strategic Wealth Partners is proud of Laurie and Neal’s dedication to supporting children, teens, adults,…

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Financial Planning
Building a Relationship with Your Wealth Advisor

A new relationship with a wealth advisor can be a lot like dating. In the beginning, you want to get to know what’s important to each other, establish open communication and shared perspective, and determine if it makes sense to commit for the long term. Each relationship is unique, but we can follow an intentional road map in getting to know each other.

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Financial Planning
The Power of Consolidating Your Investment Accounts

The modern financial landscape is complex and constantly evolving.  However, managing complexity and delivering simplicity can come from consolidating these elements under the stewardship of a knowledgeable professional. A professional…

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Current Events
What We Have Been Reading – Market Commentary & Beyond for April 2024

Our team regularly reads articles from industry peers and trusted resources to stay up to date on financial markets.  We enjoy reading about topics related to economics, investments, current events, and financial planning.

In addition to circulating some of the best pieces internally, we thought our clients, partners, and friends might enjoy reading some of the same articles as us.

Here are 9 recent pieces that our team members have read, along with some commentary on why we found the respective articles interesting.

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