Strategic Wealth Partners was acquired by Kovitz Investment Group Partners, LLC ("Kovitz"), a registered investment adviser with the SEC on May 1, 2024. Strategic Wealth Partners is now a division of Kovitz and its registered investment adviser. Materials created prior to this date were created by Strategic Wealth Partners and are accurate as of the time of publishing.


Meet your financial specialists.

Cory Rappaport, CPA

Wealth Advisor

For Cory, helping clients create opportunities and confidently navigate complex financial decisions are the most rewarding parts of his work. And as a Wealth Advisor, he brings a comprehensive approach to the financial management process that covers all aspects of his clients’ personal or business objectives, including investment management, financial planning, tax planning, and philanthropy.

Before joining SWP, Cory was an auditor for private equity firms and hedge funds. He applies this professional experience to help his clients understand and leverage the full breadth of the capital markets, including alternative investments, when appropriate, to support his client’s investment objectives.

As a CPA now focused on managing private wealth, he is especially skilled at serving clients who have a wide range of needs or face unique financial complexities, such as business owners and entrepreneurs.

Outside of work, you can find him spending time watching movies, going out to restaurants, playing a little golf, or cooking at home with his wife, Emily.


BBA in Accounting, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MA in Accountancy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professional Designations

Certified Public Accountant

Office Location

Deerfield, IL


Financial Planning
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