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Building With Alternatives CAIS Webinar Featuring David Copeland

SWP Principal and Co-Founder David Copeland was a guest on the CAIS hosted webinar Building with Alternatives. CAIS is a financial technology company that provides access, education, and operational efficiency to independent wealth advisors who utilize alternative investments in client portfolios.

Throughout the webinar, David shared his views on how SWP builds client portfolios with alternative strategies. 

Specifically, David provides insights on alternative asset classes and investment strategies that SWP uses to meet client objectives. Additionally, he discusses the opportunities in alternatives that he is most excited about today, how to build towards a target allocation, practice management with alternatives, and common pushback from clients.

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Financial Planning
The Power of Giving Now

When we reflect on what to do with our wealth as we grow older, we tend to first think about where our money will go after we pass. Recently though, more and more people are shifting their perspective on passing down their wealth from an inheritance-focused view to a more immediate, experience-focused one.

Instead of saving every available dollar for their estate, people are using some of those assets to fund unforgettable family vacations, meaningful experiences with friends, and other memories that last a lifetime. People are also investing in their loved one’s lives while living, offering to contribute more to wedding costs, housing down payments, and business funding.

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Financial Planning
Investing a Large Cash Inflow: All at Once or “Spread It Out”?

At some point in your life, you may be faced with managing a large cash inflow. Selling a business, collecting a deferred compensation payout, and receiving an inheritance are a few of the most common reasons. Regardless of the source of this money, you will have to decide what to do with it.

It’s an age-old investing debate: should I invest the cash all at once, or stage into the market over time?

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Financial Planning
The Dust Never Settles

I come from a long line of family members who were financial professionals. There are generations of Karmins before me who were either traders, stockbrokers, or asset managers. No doctors, no lawyers, and not even an accountant in our family.

So, I feel like I was destined for a career in finance. I graduated from what is now the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois, started my career as a portfolio manager at Northern Trust Bank, and ultimately found my passion in wealth management here at SWP.

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Current Events
What We Have Been Reading – Market Commentary & Beyond

Our team regularly reads articles from industry peers and trusted resources to stay up to date on financial markets.  We enjoy reading about topics related to economics, investments, current events, and financial planning.

In addition to circulating some of the best pieces internally, we thought our clients, partners, and friends might enjoy reading some of the same articles as us.

Here are 9 recent pieces that our team members have read, along with some commentary on why we found the respective articles interesting.

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Financial Planning
SECURE Act 2.0: Opportunities For 401(k) Plan Sponsors

This blog is geared towards 401(k) plan sponsors, but is informational for everyone.

By now, you have likely heard of the SECURE Act 2.0—also known as “SECURE 2.0”—either in the news or through your plan’s record keeper. The goal of SECURE 2.0 is to encourage individuals to save more for retirement by giving plan sponsors opportunities to help their participants save. For plan sponsors that want to optimize their plan, these changes provide opportunities to better help participants.

In this article, we highlight several of the key changes brought about by SECURE 2.0, how participants benefit from these changes, and how plan sponsors can use these changes to enhance their retirement plan offerings.

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Financial Planning
Preserving Family Wealth: How Family Meetings Play A Central Role In Successful Wealth Transfers

For families with significant wealth, preserving this wealth from one generation to the next is often a central focus. And it’s a goal for good reason, as data shows that 90% of families deplete their wealth by the end of the third generational wealth transfer.[1]

Cultures around the world have come up with sayings to describe the process of families building—and subsequently losing—their hard-earned assets. In America, it’s “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations”; in Italy, it’s known as “from the stalls to the stars to the stall again”; and in China, it’s “from peasant shoes to peasant shoes in three generations.”

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